• Step 1
    Student will be called for a face to face interview if the student is available to come face to face, if not the staff member/agent will schedule a telephonic interview using our pre-enrolment interview form/process. Selection for enrolment in our courses will be approved for applicants who meets the course admission requirements as per the course brochures on our website. The applicants are placed in a suitable course the staff member/agent review applicants existing knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications that are relevant to the course being applied for. ICM staff member/education agent will then review this information and respond to the student with the outcome of the review whether to proceed and ask for enrolment application form.
  • Step 2
    The staff member/education agent will supply the Enrolment application form if the student is selected for the course enrolment. As an immediate action, the student must fill in all the information required in the application form and supply the form, by providing the Certified copies of:
    • Documentation evidence of course admission requirements’s (as per thecourse brochure).
    • Copy of Student’s Passport.
    • Copy of Student’s Visa ((If you do not have any type of visa, please ignore sending any).
    • Relevant employment details (if any).
    • Note: All certified translations must accompany documents that are not in English. Copies must be certified by:
      • The institute that originally issued the documents.
      • A Justice of the Peace or Public Notary.
      • An authorised ICM staff member/agent.
      • An Australian overseas diplomatic mission or Australian Education Centre staff member/agent.
      • If a student is seeking to apply for credit transfer from their previous study, please attach your academic certificates, transcripts and/or statement of attainment..
  • Step 3
    The students will be issued with a Letter of Offer and the enrolment acceptance agreement for execution up on satisfaction of the above steps. The student shall send the signed copies of the agreement and the receipt of the fee payments to the staff member/education agent’s designated email address as per the instructions given.
  • Step 4
    The student will be issued with the Confirmation of Enrolment. International students are encouraged to apply through our education agents who can assist them in the preparation of their application and relevant documentation. Please go to ICM website to find out the nearest agent for you, refer:
    agentlist If the student is getting recruited by an education agent, the agent will also follow the same “how to apply” procedural steps as above and follow the agent agreement procedures.